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Development Teams

Whether you need a whole team of developers or just one, Devs on Demand has resources to fufil your development needs. With over 450 developers in our network, Devs on Demand will provide the right resource for your project.

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Web Development

Need a website? Got an idea for the next big site? How about a from scratch web application? Devs On Demand gives you the resources you need to ensure your projects success! Devs On Demand works with you to fully understand your needs and then helps plan and implement an effective solution.

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Mobile Applications

Devs on Demand can help you create a winning Mobile Application! We have created hundreds of mobile applications that are currently on both the Android and iPhone Market. We are experts in not only creating the app, but helping you maximize and monitize your app.

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Why choose Devs On Demand?


Quality Assurance Included

Devs on Demand will ensure your development needs are met and all applications are fully functional at no additional cost. We provide comprehensive quality assurance personnel at no additional cost.
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Flexible Pricing Structure

We provide flexible pricing that will let you to choose which services are most integral to your success and the most cost-effective development solutions for your project.

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White Label Services

Devs on Demand can act as an extension of your business behind the scenes.  Your customers will only recognize your brand and your business. We can provide the option to white label our services for your brand.

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Project Management Tools

We provide top-tier project management software Redmine free, preconfigured with workflows tailored to make your developers and project run efficiently and smoothly.

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No Hidden Fees

Unlike other development companies that charge hidden fees after you sign up for development services, we NEVER charge hidden fees.  

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Daily Status Updates

We believe that continuity of communication is integral to optimizing your experience, from finding the right developers for your project to providing ongoing support during waking US hours.  

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No Hassle Communication

Many of our clients choose to work with our project managers based in the United States to avoid common challenges that include issues with significant time change, heavy accents from developers that are difficult to understand, and miscommunication with their team.  

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Highest Level of Expertise

We want to ensure that your project is a success from idea to implementation by providing the most skilled developers available. Devs on Demand only works with developers who are highly skilled in not only knowledge of how to code, but how to code most efficiently and securely. 

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Friendly Customer Service


We will provide ongoing support when you need it most to ensure that everything we  provide is the best fit for your company during waking hours in the US.  We will make sure that your projects are a continual and lasting success by promptly addressing any issues or concerns so that you have a positive experience while partnering with Devs on Demand.

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Security is one of the most prominent concerns throughout different areas of application development.  Our developers are constantly training and staying informed of the latest security risks, so that when they are creating your site or application, they avoid technical pitfalls that can have dangerous consequences to your business.

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No Setup Fees


We will never charge any extra fees to make your service function at optimal efficiency.  Unlike competitors, we will never charge for setup, hardware adaptation, or necessary support.

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You're In Control


Devs on Demand holds a strong business philosophy that you are and always will be in control of your project.  We will provide flexible options, quality assurance, ongoing support, and development teams that are subject matter experts to create the best solutions for your company.

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You need a business partner to ensure that all of your development needs are met promptly and professionally.  You need flexible staffing levels and access to personnel with multiple areas of expertise for responsive and effective development solutions to maximize the return on investment. You need developers that work on YOUR schedule.

You need Devs On Demand!